Royal holiday village surrounded by nature

Pricing and Inventory Information

Everything you need to know about your next visit to Eekhoornnest!

When you plan your next vacation at Squirrel Eest in the beautiful Netherlands, you'll want to start right here! You'll find pricing information for all of our accommodations and you'll find very usefull For detailed information about each of our holiday rentals. Our overview of all facilities includes the details you need to know before selecting All which vacation rental is right for you and your family. You'll find information about the size of the rental, how many people it accommodates, All which appliances are included and other more. We ook invite you to take a look at each holiday cottage, bungalow and apartment that's available for you to rent. When you take a look at each individual space, you'll find year-round pricing information, detailed floorplans, lots of pictures, and a list of the amenities That style of each rental includes. You will even find a complete inventory of the types of items you will have at your disposal, like the number of plates, glasses and utensils, alongwith other household items like cork screws, teapots and vacuum cleaners. Whether this visit to Eekhoornnest is your or first part of your annual holiday tradition, we invite you to explore our pricing information and see how we can make your holiday one you'll never forget!