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Available Holiday Accommodations

 Book your stay at Eekhoornnest’s varied accommodation spaces

Eekhoornnest Holiday Village has many types of rental accommodations that fit the needs and budgets of vacationers and families of all sizes. We have cottages, bungalows, apartments, duplexes and even large homes that are perfect for all vacation stays, whether you’re visiting the Netherlands for a week or a month. There are several different versions of most accommodation types below and each version of our rental cottages, bungalows and apartments is unique from one another. You’ll find that our cozy accommodations combine modern amenities with a rustic chic charm so that you can feel like you’re escaping the city while staying in comfort. All of our spaces have LCD televisions, telephones and internet available (wifi and LAN) and are completely furnished with comfy couches and beds that will make your stay with us relaxing and enjoyable. We also have central heating in all of our accommodations and most are fitted with a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer for ultimate travel convenience.

  • Price per day from €75.00

    Cottage type H-4

    H-4: This split-level cottage is the epitome of rustic chic family accommodations in the Netherlands. The entire cabin combines modern comforts... More information

  • Price per day from €91.00

    Cottage type G-6

    G-6: This cottage is a spacious one-story European vacation rental fit for rest, relaxation and entertaining. Six European tourists will sleep... More information

  • Price per day from €103.00

    Bungalow type BS-5 persons

    BS-5: The BS-5 is one of two attached European vacation rentals. This Bungalow sleeps five guests who will all enjoy spectacular views of... More information

  • Price per day from €120.00

    Bungalow type B-6 persons

    On your next visit to the Netherlands and Eekhoornnest, your family will be excited to stay in this holiday rental that is a cozy combination of... More information

  • Price per day from €123.00

    Bungalow B-7 persons

    Eekhoornnest Holiday Village is the perfect spot in Holland to rest and relax on your next vacation. This holiday rental sleeps seven guests and... More information

  • Price per day from €180.00

    Bungalow B-8 persons

    Nestle into Eekhoornnest in the resort’s most luxurious bungalow. This accommodation in the Netherlands sleeps eight guests comfortably. Escape... More information

  • Price per day from €190.00

    Bungalow B-10 persons

    If you choose one of Eekhoornnest’s beautiful Netherlands holiday rentals for your next vacation, you are sure to have a fun-filled time... More information

  • Price per day from €72.00

    Apartment type AB-2

    AB-2: This European accommodation is ideal for an adventurous couple’s unique romantic getaway. Relax in this comfortable second story... More information

  • Price per day from €113.00

    Apartment AB-6 persons

    AB-6: Travel to Europe with family and friends and enjoy home style accommodations in the heart of the Netherlands. This vacation home... More information

  • Spotvogel

    The spotvogel is a seperate house of a duplex (on the other side the Kievit). The ground floor has a toilet in the entrence-hall, open... More information

  • Flamingo

    The Flamingo is a large manor house and situated on an estate behind the holiday village. Located at the edge of the dunes called "De Groene... More information