Royal holiday village surrounded by nature

Close surroundings

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Close surroundings (within 10 kilometers)

Eekhoornnest is surrounded by natural, cultural and historical wonders. Experience all that the surrounding area has to offer within walking distance or a five minute drive. Our staff can help you pick and choose which spots are must-sees for you and your family. All of the sites discussed below can be reached by beautiful biking trails.We are pleased to offer our guests an on-site bike rental centre to kick start their site seeing adventures.

For Outdoor Explorers
Walk 15 minutes to a secluded lake nestled in the nearby forest. For a different place to take a dip, travel only 800 meters to enjoy one of the area’s largest outdoor swimming pools surrounded by a captivating canopy trail. This interactive area offers outdoor adventures fit for all families, as well as entertainment in open air theatres. Continue to enjoy Holland’s natural wonders as you travel 300 meters down the road to one of the region’s most famous zoos. Add some adventure to your vacation while visiting giraffes, chimpanzees and bears (oh my!) at "the Amersfoort Zoo".

For the Cultural Connoisseurs
Treat your tastebuds just 450 meters from the resort where you will find a traditional Dutch cheese farm. See how cheese is made and enjoy a variety of delectable dairy products. Walk 300 more meters for award winning bread to enjoy with your freshly churned cheese. Visit the local Baker to enjoy a wide variety of fresh baked goods. Continue your culinary adventure 650 meters from your cozy cottage and relax while the chefs of "de Korte Duinen" cook authentic Dutch cuisine for your family.

Food fanatics must not miss the historic Poffertjeskraam in Laren.  This restaurant offers 'poffertjes' (tiny pancakes), Belgian waffles and Dutch pancakes. Travel 10 km to taste some of their delicious poffertjes and experience century old culinary masterpieces.

After enjoying your newly acquired Dutch delicacies, shop till you drop 500 meters away at the Amersfoot shopping centre. Surprise your loved ones stuck at home with custom made keepsakes and unique fashions and accessories.

Dutch tourists adore the areas most renowned villages. Explore Spakenburg, an old fishermans village that is known for its traditional clothing and harbour that is so beautifully unique that its replica has been built in Japan.

For the Museum Lover
Travel back in time just one kilometer from your cottage where you’ll find  "Gagelgat ". This historical Dutch farmhouse offers a free interactive tour that teaches tourists about the rich local history.

Travel out of your cozy cottage and down the red carpet to the famous Singer Art Museum in Laren. The town is only 10 km north of the holiday resort and it is known for being home to many Dutch celebrities.

Enjoy a fairytale for the day. Visit the windmill and the palace of our former queen Juliana. The medieval city center of Amersfoort, founded in 1050, is an absolute must see. Travel only 2.5 kilometers to enjoy this royal excursion with your little kings and queens.

A little farther off (about 4 kms) the fairytale continues; visit Lage Vuursche to witness the majesty of Castle Drakenstein. The former Dutch Queen Beatrix fully redesigned the beautiful palace and began to live there at the end of her reign in April 2013.

Indulge in rich Dutch history four kilometers south at the Air Force museum in Soesterberg. Transform your leisurely travel into an invigorating learning opportunity as historical experts help you explore the impressive museum. Visit the museum at no charge before the end of June.

Surroundings within one hour drive

Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands
The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is the perfect way for art lovers to spend the day away from their Eekhoornnest accommodations. This museum hosts the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh artwork in the world. Drive one hour from Eekhoornnest to enjoy an extensive ode to Van Gogh and other various subjects from the 19th century.

For tourists in the Netherlands, this world famous Amsterdam museum is the first stop for discovering Dutch culture. See over 200 painting by Van Gogh alongside many more private drawings and letters. Enjoy a day of family fun one hour from Eekhoornnest at the Van Gogh museum.

Keukenhof Gardens, Holland
During your visit to Eekhoornnest family resort don’t miss the chance to see Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. Fall in love with over 7 million flowers across 32 hectares of stunningly beautiful landscape. Keukenhof Gardens is the perfect way to spend a couple’s retreat or day with your family. Everyone will enjoy the breathtaking view  of the gardens while indulging in something to eat and drink at the outdoor cafes. 

If you come to visit Eekhoornnest in May, you can even witness the incredible Flower Parade. This free parade includes floats made entirely out of flowers. You will be amazed to see what the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands can offer guests of all ages. Don’t forget your cameras, this is a site you will not want to miss!

Anne Frank Museum
Visit the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam to see the actual house where Anne hid and recorded her incredible journey. This is an incredible museum for history lovers and for families looking to educate their children on an amazing piece/person of history. At the Anne Frank Museum in the Netherlands, visitors can see original objects in the famous home, quotations from Anne Frank’s journal and visual records of Anne and her family’s heroism. 

See the Secret Annexe, originally a part of Otto Frank’s (Anne Frank’s father) business. Let literature, photography and artefacts introduce you to the brave victims and their helpers who attempted to endure the Nazi regime. If you are specifically interested in Holocaust information and paraphernalia extend your journey down memory lane with a visit to the Westerbork Concentration Camp Museum where victims like Anne Frank were transported through on their way to Auschwitz.

Westerbork Concentration Camp
Learn about the Holocaust at the Westerbork Concentration Camp in Holland. This camp was home to 750 Jewish refugees when the Nazis invaded Holland. The camp was transformed into a “transit camp” and over 100,000 Dutch Jews were transported from Westerbork to work and extermination camps in Poland. While the Westerbork Camp has been demolished, the museum preserved a collection of historical artefacts from the Holocaust. Read stories and see photographs and documentation of the heroism of Holocaust victims and survivors. 

While this may seem like a sombre place to spend your Holland vacation, it is an exceptional snap shot of history that should be shared with loved ones. Your group will appreciate the important lessons that can be learned from witnessing the history of Holland. 

The Rijksmuseum is the must see museum in the Netherlands. Recently renovated in 2013, this museum is a stunning ode to art throughout the ages. Every member of your family or group will love this innovative museum in the Netherlands.  Art is presented through contemporary mediums – incorporating technology and classical forms to enhance viewers’ experiences. 

The Rijksmuseum in Holland features masterpieces from different cultures and generations of artists. See an overview of Dutch art, as well as art from Asian cultures and the Middle Ages onwards. Spend a relaxing day one hour from Eekhoornnest’s surrounded by beautiful sculptures, paintings and carpentry.